about port city bjj

Port City BJJ is built on the mission of providing world class jiu jitsu instruction in a team oriented, fun yet competitive environment. Our instructors have been training BJJ extensively for a collective 50 years. There are the four principles that create an outstanding learning environment at Port City BJJ:


Our instructors have direct Gracie Barra lineage under our friend and professor, Roberto Maia (Black Belt, 5th Degree).



Growing in BJJ only starts with instruction. Unlimited progress comes from our community helping each other to get better. This is one of the most unique aspects of PCBJJ.

High Level Instruction

We have an experienced group of instructors that includes 3 black belts.

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Diverse Offering

Port City provides high-level BJJ instruction (advanced, competition, fundamentals, women’s only class). Our instructors draw from a variety of backgrounds including Judo, submission grappling, striking, and MMA.