Kids Jiu Jitsu

Port City BJJ Kids Jiu Jitsu Class is where young warriors learn awesome moves, build confidence, and have a blast with our laid-back and friendly instructors!

Spring Registration Opens April 2, 2024

Kids Jiu Jitsu Class

Welcome to the ultimate Kids Jiu-Jitsu Experience! Port City BJJ is where young warriors (ages 7-13) embark on an electrifying martial arts journey. Led by our experienced instructors, this dynamic class goes beyond teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques – it’s a cool fusion of skill-building, interactive games, and life lessons in a fun, supportive setting. From mastering basic positions to boosting confidence through age-appropriate exercises, each session is a mix of physical prowess and valuable life skills, ensuring a fantastic and empowering atmosphere for kids of all levels. Join us for a journey where martial arts meets coolness and camaraderie!


Registration Opens 5/29/24

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Jun 18 – Aug 1 (6 Weeks)
(July 4th week off)
Tue & Thu 6-7pm
Registration Opens: 5/29/24

AGES: 7-13
Beginner – Advanced
$200 Includes Gi or $150 No-Gi
LOCATION: Fox Run Mall
50 Fox Run Road, Newington, NH

What to Expect

  • We’ll be working on the fundamentals of jiu jitsu; submissions, positioning, takedowns as well as balance, focus, and coordination.
  • Training can be hard and you may see your child struggle. We’re here to help them through it.
  • Class runs for 1 hr but please show up 5-10 min early to be prepared and use the bathroom before class starts.
  • Class sizes may vary. Your child will be assessed and placed with someone appropriate for them to train with.
  • We do have a waiting area within view of the mats, however you do not need to stay. You’re welcome to enter the mall or come back at the end.

The Benefits

  • Life Skills: Perseverance, determination, confidence and empathy.
  • Physical Stamina: Strength, agility, and self-defense.
  • A group sport community with the advantages of an individual activity which means we won’t consume all your time.
  • A sense of belonging. BJJ is built around it’s community. No one sits on the bench.
  • You’ll see a more balanced individual with the tools to take on life’s tough challenges.

An added bonus…

You can train at the same time! Join us for the adults BJJ Fundamentals class which runs at the same time!

Oh wait, there’s more?

We will host a parent’s night out after our session is complete. Drop your kids off and we’ll party for a few hours while you get a break. This is for active students only and free of charge and includes pizza! Sign up required. 

Parent Night Out!

@ Port City Gym

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCBJJ's children's program goal?

We’re here to empower kids and make them “bully-proof” by boosting their confidence and enhancing their physical fitness. Growing up can be tough, but on our BJJ mat, they’ll not only learn valuable physical skills but also life skills that will stick with them. Let’s nurture strong, resilient individuals through the power of hard work!

How do we structure BJJ classes to accommodate different skill levels / sizes?

Students will be organized by both size and age to ensure that our structured drills accommodate experienced practitioners without getting too hung up on skill levels or size. As we gain insights into each student’s abilities, the class structure will progressively adapt, offering a more specialized and personalized learning experience.

How can I best support my child's progress?

Learn the sport! This doesn’t require you to train (although that would help exponentially). Simply observing, asking questions, watching videos, etc. We have some great resources to share so if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll get you started.

Did you know that you can join an adult class and train at the same time? Check out our adult BJJ Fundamentals class.

Do you have a code of conduct?

We provide an inclusive program where all students and instructors treat each other with respect by being good listeners when instruction is being given, using kind words about ourselves and toward others, encouraging others that may need it, and asking to leave the mat so we can keep everyone safe. 

What do I bring to class?

A water bottle and a gi. We have gi’s available for purchase. First time students can get a gi for only $25 and yours to keep. Normally they’re $40 which is cost. We have lots of changing rooms available.

What do I wear to class?

The standard attire for jiu jitsu is a gi which is a sturdy cotton jacket & pant set with a belt. We do offer gis to first time students when you register for a class for only $25; yours to keep. Moving forward they will cost $40 which is cost. You’re also welcome to bring your own as long as it’s clean. We do require a gi so if this is an issue, reach out and we’ll get it figured out.

Where is the entrance?

During mall hours, you may enter through either Macy’s stores. We’re located between them inside the mall, in the old Victoria Secret location.

What if I'm going to be late to class?

Please enter quietly and once you’re child is ready to roll, have them sit on the side of the mat until asked to join. It’s understandable and things arise. Please do your best to avoid this as it does interupt the flow of class and the warmups are necessary to prevent injury. 

What if we try it out and my kid hates it?

It’s hard to know what your kid will be drawn into so there’s a chance that BJJ is not for them. We want you to try it out but we understand if it’s not their thing. We do recommend that you attend at least 2 classes before making any decisions. If you’re not satisfied, please contact us before attending your 3rd class and we’ll gladly refund you.

How much does it cost?

This program is new to our gym so we’re offering smaller sessions until we can gauge participation. We may be open to a monthly rate in the future.

Sessions run for 6 weeks at a time, with 2 classes offered a week. You’re welcome to attend as many classes as you’d like but recommend at least once a week to keep up with developing skills.
The cost for a 6 week session is $200 which includes a gi for your child to keep. If you’ve attended a class already or have your own gi, the cost is $150 for the session only.
As long as you are an active student, that price will be grandfathered in if we need to increase our pricing in the future.

Other than that, there are no other costs associated with training. There will be opportunities for kids to compete but it’s not required and there will be registration fees associated with those events.

How can I maintain good personal hygiene?
    • Keep fingernails & toenails trimmed. Please check often to ensure everyone’s safety.
    • No jewerly of any kind. Please remove before class.
    • Always wear a clean gi. We all forget but don’t worry, we’ve got a few clean loner gis available so please refrain from wearing your dirty gi to class as this can raise risks for students and the facility.
    • It’s recommended to tie long hair back (but not required).
Do I have to shower after class?

After class, hit the shower pronto! Every contact sport has its funk, so it’s essential to shower thoroughly after training. This not only helps prevent dermatological issues that could impact your health and your training buddies but also contributes to the overall wellbeing of the gym. Our mats go through a consistent cleaning routine multiple times a day for a safe environment, but it’s a team effort to maintain the hygiene of grappling sports. Let’s all do our part to keep it clean and hygienic!

(Dermatologist Recommended): Every student should be washing with an antifungal soap. No harsh medicated products are required – natural products that contain tea tree oils work best. Defense Soap is an example of a decent natural antifungal soap that we’ve used. Leave the soap on the skin for 3 – 5 mins prior to rinsing as this gives it time to work and you’ll avoid any potential funk. 

Your instructors aren’t immune either and they’ve probably seen it all. If something suspicious should arise, reach out right away!

How does PCBJJ keep their facility clean?

We take pride in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment! Our mats undergo regular cleaning with KenClean Plus throughout the day, and we give the entire gym a thorough vacuum and mop multiple times a week.

To help us keep things tidy, please wear shoes when off the mats (flip flops work perfectly). Shoes are required in the bathroom areas. No shoes on the mats to avoid any potential cross-contamination. Your cooperation in maintaining our clean space is greatly appreciated!

Meet Your Instructors

chris lapiana brown belt

Chris Lapiana

I began martial arts as a 5 year old which set me on a lifelong path to building strength, confidence, staying fit and balanced. It all started with a local dojo where I trained and later began instructing at age 15. By age 23, I won my first National Title in Shotokan. I also had the opportunity to instruct the kids US Karate Team. I hold a brown belt in BJJ, I’m a volunteer coach for Marshwood Little Hawks Wrestling in my community and a lead instructor for adult classes here at Port City BJJ. I’m a father of 2 kids who also love to wrestle so I get lots of practice at home. Training and instructing martial arts is my passion. I absolutely love the art of BJJ and seeing the progression in the individuals both on the mats and character development makes it worth it. I believe kids benefit greatly from testing their boundaries both physically and mentally in a safe environment alongside their peers. Let’s roll!

instructor trevor stone

Trevor Stone

Trevor embarked on his martial arts journey at the age of 16, discovering the transformative power of discipline and hard work. Over the years, he delved into various disciplines like Taekwondo, Hapkido, Guhapdo, BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA, specializing in BJJ by 2012. With numerous accolades, including Black Belts in BJJ (18 years), Taekwondo (10 years), and Hapkido (10 years), as well as extensive experience in Thai Boxing (6 years) and MMA (6 years with 8 pro fights), Trevor’s expertise is vast and impressive.

Since 2001, Trevor has been sharing his passion as an instructor, guiding both kids and adults in the martial arts. He emphasizes the importance of discipline, dedication, and self-responsibility, instilling in his students the belief that they have the power to shape their lives positively. For Trevor, martial arts is not just about physical techniques but a journey of personal growth and empowerment, a journey he’s committed to sharing with others.